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Cosy In The Peak District!

What a difference a rug makes! This colourful Afghan kilim was just right for this gorgeous colourful room, it looks perfectly at home! Katy, clocked it when visiting Brighton and couldn’t go home without it! 




Customer's Room With A Vintage Van Kurdish Kilim Rug

This Brighton home is lending itself well to this customer's Van Kurdish vintage kilim rug, she had been keeping her eye on it on our website for some weeks and now it's hers!!




Gorgeous Cosy Cottage Room

This large Afghan Vegetable Dyed Kilim rug has made it's way to Bedfordshire to sit comfortably under this amazing footstool which was made by The Bespoke Footstool Company in Ramsgate (footstool fabric by Pomily)




Poppy is Happy!

Sometimes your family pet knows the right rug to choose! In this case Poppy has had an early Christmas present!



Biba The Whippet Enjoying Suzani Cushions!

An excellent example of how our beloveds take over the best cosy spots. This whippet is called Biba and she looks like she’s settled in for the day! See our Suzani Cushions here



Afghan Fine Rugs - New Arrivals

Afghan Fine Rugs - New Stock

We have just photographed a limited selection of gorgeous Afghan Kazak & Ziegler fine rugs, the colours in these hand knotted pieces range from soft duck egg blues and creams to decorative intricate designs in greens, blues and emeralds.  See them in our Latest Arrivals section or in our Brighton Shop.

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Rugs & Kilims New In!

Rugs & Kilims New In!

Just a quick update - we have been busy photographing rugs this week, there is a small selection of Afghan & Persian pieces available to view in our Latest Arrivals section online or come and see them in our Brighton Shop!

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Small Rugs & Kilims - New In!

A Selection of Small Rugs & Kilims New In!

We have just added a limited selection of very pretty small kilims and pile rugs to our site, they are all gorgeous quirky Turkish vintage pieces, each one unique and one of a kind. Here are some examples or see them all online in our Latest Arrivals



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Turkish Rug Shipment Now In!

Our New Turkish Rug Shipment Has Arrived!

Discover our latest arrivals of authentic Turkish kilims and rugs, meticulously photographed to capture their true colors. Don't miss the beautiful Moldovan floral rose kilims. Explore them now in the Latest Arrivals section of our website.



Turkish Kilim Draught Excluders Now In!

Despite summer being in full swing, we're still experiencing powerful winds! Fortunately, our new shipment of Draught Excluders from Turkey has just arrived, replenishing our stock after selling out throughout the winter. Explore our diverse range of beautifully designed draught excluders on our Website Here 

Whilst on our buying trip in Turkey earlier in the year we also had some stunning poufs made, we have some new designs and colour ways which can be seen in the Seat Section of our Website and also in our Brighton Shop


Vintage Turkish Kilim In Hanover Home

The perfect rug for a perfect room - this vintage Turkish Cal rug suits this room so well, we love it when our customers find their perfect rug! Cal Kilims often have beautiful greens and terracotta colours with interesting emblems and motifs - this one is a classic example of how beautiful they can be!



Afghan Rug Shipment Now In!

It's been a busy time for us over the last few weeks, working in our studio carefully photographing our new delivery of Afghan rugs and runners - we have been taking care to get the photographs as accurate as possible to show them at their best for our website.  We have a lovely range from cute little £35 rugs to large pieces that are breathtakingly beautiful! There are over 100 new pieces which are all available online and in our Brighton Shop.

Take a look at them in the Latest Arrivals Section of our site.

Here's a taste of what's new



Brighton Home

 This Turkish Vintage Denizli kilim is a perfect fit for this fabulous Brighton home, we love the shades of terracottas against the plastered walls, it just works brilliantly!

Se have similar Denizli Kilims available if you think one would suit your home too https://www.yashar-bish.com/search/for/denizli/ 




Classic Tribal Shiraz Rug Found Its Home

This beautiful Persian Shiraz carpet has found its new home, it’s the perfect size and colour for the room ! 



Perfect Kilim For Soft Blue Toned Bedroom

Our customer found the perfect Afghan Kilim for their wonderful, relaxing blue toned bedroom in Brighton. The colours work beautifully - Interior Design Perfection!!




Latest Arrivals Just In - Kilim Cushions Just In

We have been busy photographing some wonderful Turkish Kilim Cushion Covers which we get made from vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs in Turkey.  As the kilim rugs we use are rugs that need repairs in some places, it's a great way for us to recycle the good bits !

We have lots more to do but the first batch is now ready and online if you wanted to take a look! 



Latest Arrivals Just In - Jan 2023

See them in the Latest Arrivals Section of our website.

Here is a small example of the 50 rugs we have just photographed for our shop and website.



Spot the Dog!

The tactic is to hide well enough to not be asked to move! This dog is named Spot and knows that lounging on a good quality Persian Qashqai rug is the best place to be in this cold weather! 




Our Colourful Customer!

Well if anyone represents our shop so beautifully then it’s this wonderful long term customer, Jenny. We couldn’t resist this picture as Jenny’s style is so uplifting and inspiring! She is wearing one of our Ikat Uzbek Robes and is just about to make off with a Turkish Kilim Draught Excluder and Moldov Rose Kilim Cushion!




Latest Arrivals Just In - Oct 2022

We have been continuing to get rugs ready for our website and shop, lots of new items are newly available online and also viewable in our Brighton store.  

Here are a few examples but you can see all of them in our Latest Arrivals Section











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