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Getting New Stock Ready!

Sunday, 2 January 2022  |  Kim


Today we have been getting some new rugs and kilims ready so that we can start photographing them next week in readiness for the shop and to be uploaded to our website - it’s always exciting getting the camera out and working with so many beautiful handmade pieces



Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to All

Saturday, 25 December 2021  |  Kim

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas and

A Peaceful, Healthy and Happy New Year

Artist: Viktor Mihajlovic Vasnecov

Thank you for all your online orders throughout the year and to those that have managed to visit us in person at our Brighton Shop - We very much appreciate everybody's custom.


Christmas Opening Times

Sat 25th Dec - Closed
Sun 26th Dec - Closed
Mon 27th Dec - Closed
Tue 28th Dec – Closed
Wed 29th Dec - Open 11am to 4pm
Thur 30th Dec - Open 11am to 4pm
Fri 31st Dec - Open 11am to 4pm
Sat 1st Jan 2022 – Closed
Sun 2nd Jan 2022 – Closed
Bank Holiday Monday 3rd Jan - Open 11am to 4pm
Open & Back To Normal Hours on
Tuesday 4th Jan 2022


Warps, Wefts and Knots

Monday, 6 December 2021  |  Kim

Ever wondered what Warps, Wefts and Knots are in Oriental Rugs? Here is an explanation:


Together with the weft it forms the foundation of the rug. It is the name given to the threads which stretch lengthways between the beams of the loom, whether horizontal or vertical. In nomad rugs the warp is wool, while in others it can be of cotton or more rarely of silk. The surplus warp at each end of the rug or carpet forms the fringe.


The weft is the thread that is woven in and out across the warp between rows of knots. Varying between one to three or four rows, depending on where the rug is made, its purpose is to hold the knots firmly in place. The threads of the weft are pushed firmly against the knots by being beaten with a comb-beater.


There are two knots common to hand-knotted rugs, whether Persian, Turkish, Turkoman, Caucasian, Indian, Tibetan, or Chinese. They are the Ghiordes and Senneh - the former named after a town in Turkey and the latter after a town in Persia. They are also referred to simply as the Turkish or Persian knot. A strange fact is that although the Persian knot is named after the town of Senneh, the majority of rugs from that town are made with the Ghiordes knot! Generally, however, Turkish rugs are made with the Ghiordes and Persian with the Senneh. The Ghiordes is also used in the Caucasus and by the Turkoman tribes. 

The Ghiordes knot is symmetrical and is formed by looping the woollen yarn around two adjacent threads and drawn up between them as shown below:

The Symmetrical Turkish Ghiordes Knot

The Senneh or Persian knot is asymmetrical and is formed by looping the pile yarn under one warp and over and under the adjacent warp, the ends pulled upwards, one end between each warp.

One Version Of The Asymmetrical Persian Senneh Knot


Another Version Of The Asymmetrical Persian Senneh Knot


By examining the pile of the carpet (brushing sideways) and scrutinising the back, it is possible to identify the knot used, the nature of the warp, and the weave pattern, i.e. the relationship of the wefts to the knots.


Winter Update 2021

Friday, 12 November 2021  |  Kim

New Delivery Just In

We are at that time of year when we really do want to keep warm and make our homes comfortable for the cold winter months ahead - a Persian, Turkish or Afghan handmade rug is a perfect way to make a room inviting and cosy!

We have just had a delivery of some beautiful Persian rugs which would sit nicely in front of a fire, by a sofa or beside a bed giving a welcoming soft texture underfoot!

Here are a few of the new pieces that have just gone live online and that are also available in our Brighton shop

You can also see the whole range in the Latest Arrivals section of our website

Some Friends We Made On Our Turkish Trip!

Mum's Turkish Knitted Slippers!

Christmas is on the Way!

We are fast approaching Christmas and our Yashar Bish Gift Vouchers are a great way to send somebody a special gift


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Our Colourful Suzani Embroideries Have Just Arrived!

Friday, 17 September 2021  |  Kim

If you like colour, you will love our new selection of Suzani Embroideries from Uzbekistan - We have a great choice of sizes and prices - All are now available online or in our Brighton Shop.  

See them in the Suzani Uzbek Embroideries Section of our website.


Sept Latest Arrivals..

Sunday, 5 September 2021  |  Kim


We have been working non-stop over the last few weeks getting our shipment of Turkish Vintage Kilims & Runners photographed, priced and uploaded to our website, there are some really stunning and unusual pieces in this shipment - take a look in the Latest Arrivals Section of our website, or why not come along and visit us at our Brighton Shop - we would love to see you!

Coming soon will be gorgeous vintage Uzbek Bowls as well as beautiful hand embroidered Suzanis from Uzbekistan - keep an eye on our newsletters or Instagram for when they are available

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Summer Update

Friday, 30 July 2021  |  Kim

Here we are in the full swing of summer, between the rain that is, and we thought an update to our customers was well overdue!

New Shipments

Although times are still challenging we are busy organising new stock and we have some exciting deliveries coming later in the summer from Turkey and Afghanistan! In the meantime we are excited to have received our shipment of fabulous handmade gold plated Afghan Earrings with gorgeous coloured stones and quirky ancient designs, all made by local artisans in Turkey with each pair being unique - these are available at our Brighton Shop only at the moment



New Small Shipment of Rugs & Floor Cushions Just In

We have just uploaded a small but beautiful selection of Afghan Rugs & Kilims as well as some absolutely stunning Turkish and Afghan Carpet Floor Cushions - see them in our Latest Arrivals


New Afghan Kilim Stools
A new range of strong Afghan Kilim Stools are in stock which are available online and at our Brighton Shop. They are beautifully made with colourful Afghan Vegetable Dyed Kilims and are solid and substantial find out more here   

Rug Underlays

We know many of you have purchased rugs from us over the years, but did you know that having underlay under your rug makes it feel nicely cushioned and helps to stop any slippage and creeping, it also prolongs the life of your rug and helps air to circulate under your rug too - find out more about our underlays here
Some of Our Beautiful Kurdish Herki Runners are on Sale!!
Rarely are we able to put our rugs on sale, however there is currently an opportunity to buy a stunning Kurdish Herki Runner with 30% discount, see them in our Sale Section

Charities We Support

We are delighted to have become a Corporate Sponsor of Afghanaid, a Charity that works closely with Afghan rural communities in Afghanistan; we donate monthly to their projects as well as donating gifts to their Charity Auctions

 find out more about their invaluable work here



May Latest Arrivals...

Monday, 31 May 2021  |  Kim


We have some beautiful new arrivals in stock - lots of Afghan Rugs and Runners in all sizes together with some colourful Afghan Kilim Flatweaves too.  Also new in are our sturdy Afghan Kilim Poufs & Seats which come in Square and Round sizes. Everything has just been uploaded to our website - be the first to view them!!

Also see them in our Latest Arrivals Section or the relevant section of our website - they are available in our shop and online! 


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