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SUZ602 Suzani Embroidery from Uzbekistan 36x36cm
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SUZ602 Suzani Embroidery from Uzbekistan 36x36cmSUZ602 Suzani Embroidery from Uzbekistan 36x36cmSUZ602 Suzani Embroidery from Uzbekistan 36x36cm

SUZ602 Suzani Embroidery from Uzbekistan 36x36cm

Price:  £25.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
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Stock No.:  SUZ602

Weight (postage):  200g


1 in stock  

1 in stock

  • Tribal Central Asian Suzani textile embroidered in Uzbekistan
  • Suzani means needlepoint in Farsi and Suzanis were originally used as mirror covers (small pieces) and for tent dividers.
  • Usually Cotton, Velvet, Silk or Satin background with silk embroidery.  
  • Measuring 36x36cm
  • Some pieces have old Russian fabric backing and this has been photographed too if it is present.
  • Quality varies from finely embroidered to less fine pieces which should be evident from the close up images and prices.
  • These colourful, decorative textiles make beautiful wall hangings, bed covers or table covers.
  • All of our Suzanis are original older pieces ranging from 20 to 70 years.
  • One or two may have very minor tears which is normal for older Suzanis and we have tried to photograph any areas like this.
  • Often pen is used as a marker for layout before embroidery starts and occasionally one can see some of the original pen outline which is normal for original pieces. 

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