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YASHAR BISH - Hidden Gems - April 2018

Here at Yashar Bish we are choosing something special each month to share with you, highlighting things you may not have discovered amongst our collection - for the month of April we have picked our gorgeous Uzbek Porcelain Bowls and Teapots

We love hunting out these vintage bowls and teapots when we are away on our buying trips in Turkey, we never know quite what treasures we may find until we start to rummage!

We have to admit that we do have rather a large collection of these in our own home, in all four sizes and they get used daily for salads, nuts, soups and noodles, I even steam poached eggs in the small ones!  Not only are they functional but they also look absolutely gorgeous on the shelf or dresser.


These bowls and teapots were made in the 1970’s during the times of the Soviet Union - sometimes they were produced as commemorative pieces and are often decorated with Ikat textile designs

The Vintage Uzbek Teapots are very individual and are big enough for a cup of tea for two.  Whatever your preferred tea, these teapots are a joy to use and perfect for a single or double serving - as the spouts are well defined they pour well with no dribbles!  

We have an interesting old book in the shop titled “Tattooed Mountain Women & Spoon Boxes of Daghestan” in which we found this lovely old image of an old carved fireplace with the mantelpiece housing an interesting collection of the old Soviet bowls

For any further info about our bowls or teapots go to our online Ceramic Category or send us an email here


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