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Oriental Rug Terminology anyone? Ever wondered what Abrash is, or what Selvedge means?

Oriental Rug Terminology anyone?  Ever wondered what Abrash is, or what Selvedge means? There a lots of specific terms that relate to Oriental Carpets & Rugs and it can be confusing unless you know more about them.  We have put together a Carpet, Kilim & Rug Terminology Information Page to help people understand the meanings of some of these rug related words and terms. To find out more look here 

Abrash- Variations in tone or intensity of colour. Describes different shifts in the tone within a particular colour in a weaving, which usually occur as a result of the use of different dye lots.

Afshars– A group of Turkic speaking nomads whose primary habitat is Kerman Province in south eastern Persia.

Alum– Potassium aluminium sulphate used as a mordant.

Aniline– A synthetic dye derived from coal tar.

Asmalyk– A type of weaving usually pile (can be textile too) and commonly five-sided, woven to decorate the leading camel in a Turkoman wedding procession.

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