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Oriental Glass Lamps

A magical collection Turkish Oriental Jewel Coloured Glass Lamps and Lanterns finished in high quality exquisite handmade antiqued ornate brass. The Lamps come individually or can be assembled in Chandeliers of handsome proportions, giving any Turkish or Moroccan themed room a great Oriental or Moorish ambiance.

Whole Chandeliers or individual lamps can be used with tea lights or can be adapted to take electricity.  The glass is all hand blown and hand-made giving individual colour variations and optical textures. We only use good quality brass for the metalwork, and not the cheaper iron/tin metals which are prone to corrosion and commonly used in similar lamps.

For more information on Chandeliers or electrification of lamps visit this link here or visit our Electric Lamp Category

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Hanger Lamp Hook

Hanger Lamp Hook£0.30

SBC Bulb 25 watts

SBC Bulb 25 watts£3.00

Lamp Top for Wire

Lamp Top for Wire£2.50

Brass Lamp Fixture

Brass Lamp Fixture£4.50

Lamp Accessories (Single Lamp)

Lamp Accessories (Single Lamp)£18.50

Small Open Lamp Hanger

Small Open Lamp Hanger£36.00

Large Open Lamp Hanger

Large Open Lamp Hanger£60.00

Mini Closed Lamp Hanger

Mini Closed Lamp Hanger£35.00

Small Closed Lamp Hanger

Small Closed Lamp Hanger£50.00

Large Closed Lamp Hanger

Large Closed Lamp Hanger£80.00


Page 1 of 1:    28 Items
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