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Bespoke Chandelier Info & Lamp Accessories

Single Lamps

Individual lamps or whole Chandeliers can be used with tea-lights or they can be adapted to take electricity, however, we only supply single lamps with tea-light holders (where applicable). It is straightforward for your electrician to electrify a single lamp but you will need some extra bits, see our Lamp Accessories or ask the advice of your electrician.


If you plan select lamps for a chandelier to be assembled and electrified by your own electrician, you will need to purchase either a mini closed hanger, a small closed hanger or a large closed hanger in order to hang the lamps from, you will need to reduce/lengthen the chain on some of the lamps in order to stagger the lamp heights, this is easily done and you can use any spare chain from shortened lamps to lengthen some of the other lamps.  You will need a minimum of a 100cm drop for a small Chandelier and a minimum of 115cm drop for a large Chandelier.  You will also need a few other bits and pieces including the following:

Lamp Hooks (one per lamp)
Lamp Top (one per lamp)
Brass Fixture (one per lamp)
Bulb (one per lamp)
Wire (order enough for all lamps and extra for length to ceiling)
Mini Closed, Small Closed, or Large Closed Lamp Hanger (one per chandelier)
You may need to give us a ring or email us to discuss what you need if in any doubt.  We recommend using an electrician to electrify your chandelier.
For ready electrified lamps and chandeliers see our Electric lamp section here.
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Hanger Lamp Hook

Hanger Lamp Hook£0.30

Lamp Top for Wire

Lamp Top for Wire£2.50

SBC Bulb 25 watts

SBC Bulb 25 watts£3.00

Brass Lamp Fixture

Brass Lamp Fixture£4.50

Lamp Accessories (Single Lamp)

Lamp Accessories (Single Lamp)£18.50

Small Open Lamp Hanger

Small Open Lamp Hanger£36.00

Large Open Lamp Hanger

Large Open Lamp Hanger£60.00

Mini Closed Lamp Hanger

Mini Closed Lamp Hanger£35.00

Small Closed Lamp Hanger

Small Closed Lamp Hanger£50.00

Large Closed Lamp Hanger

Large Closed Lamp Hanger£80.00

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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