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9544 Persian Qashqai Small Rug 59x62cm (1.11 x 2.0ft)
9544 Persian Qashqai Small Rug 59x62cm (1.11 x 2.0ft)9544 Persian Qashqai Small Rug 59x62cm (1.11 x 2.0ft)9544 Persian Qashqai Small Rug 59x62cm (1.11 x 2.0ft)

9544 Persian Qashqai Small Rug 59x62cm (1.11 x 2.0ft)

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Small Persian Oriental Qashqai Tribal Rug from the Fars province of southern Persia (the tribal areas not far from Shiraz).  These small rugs are are not production pieces and are becoming difficult to find as the nomadic way of life is dwindling and less people are weaving than before.  This particular small Hand-knotted pile wool rug measures approx 59½x62cm (1.11½ x 2.0½ft) - with a simple central medallion pattern - we love those amazing Emerald Greens - Wow!

At certain times of year, if you are lucky you can see the Qashqai tribes migrating between their summer and winter pastures - we have been lucky enough to see this on a few occasions. They are spotted by the very colourful layered clothing riding their donkeys & mules and herding their sheep and goats along the roads and along the dry riverbeds along with lots of barking dogs! 

These small rugs are made by these tribespeople who are still trying to live a nomadic way of life; the designs are often quite intricate in the larger rugs but these small ones often have a central medallion with some other motifs in the corners or sometimes they may have an all over design or even a pictorial design.  Qashqai women weave what they see around them whether its depictions of jewellery, flowers, trees and animals or even a person. 

Rugs from the Qashqai tribe are usually quite finely woven and the better quality pieces nearly always have great soft wool quality (we only choose such pieces when buying). Carpets woven by the Qashqai are also known as Qashgai, Qeshqayı, Ghashghai, Ghashghay, Gashgai, Gashgay, Kashkai, Qashqay, Qashqa'i, Ghashghaei, Kashqai to name a few!!



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